December 01, 2011

Baby Announcement & Making a Knot Bow

I have been busy making announcements for the arrival of our new Grandson.  Jacob William is due on December 22nd, so you know where I’ll be on Christmas! *smiles*  This particular card called for a, what I call a Bow Knot.  Believe it or not I can’t make one to suit me.  Check it out!


I was sharing that with my good friend and buddy – Carla Bazhenow, please check out Carla’s masterpieces HEREShe in turn sent me to the very talented Mary Fish for a GREAT VIDEO tutorial which can be found HEREJust in case the video link doesn’t work, go to Mary’s blog and click on Tutorial Library.

Thank You Carla!!!
Thank You Mary!!!

With that said here is my new bow – redone on all the cards!


Can you see the difference?  Here’s a better comparison.


You have gotta love blogging!  Everything I know has been through the wonderful world of BLOGLAND, and I thank all of you who has taught me so well!!!

I’m having a tooth extracted today so I’ll not be posting until Monday.

  Have a GREAT WEEKEND everybody and happy stamping!!!

“24 days until Christmas”




Linda said...

Your card is adorable and sure to be a hit with the recepient. I'd send both cards - who's gonna notice the bow?

Good luck with the tooth. It may hurt a bit, but it's a great excuse for a weekend of eating ice cream!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I agree Linda. Getting it correct makes you FEEL good doesn't it! Say 'Hi' to Carla for me, I love both your blogs and stalk the two of you relentlessly! lol
Hugs Viv xxx

Unknown said...

Oooops! Forgot to tall you how adorable the cards are!! They are little smashers! xxx

Pam~ said...

Adorable cards! I like both bows ... a little scrunch adds the handmade character to the card. I'm bow challenged even when following directions!

Good luck with your tooth and have a fabulous weekend!

Gerry said...

Adorable!! both bows look great to me.
Good luck with your tooth extraction.

Theresa said...

Your card is perfect to intoduce a new little person. Well done.

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness ... so stinkin' cute!

Hugs, M

Debbie Henderson said...

Awwww Linda, this is so adorable. Congrats on the new soon to be here bababy! Grandchildren are so much fun, you'll love it!

Linda Callahan said...

Sweet sweet card! I bet you are so excited~! What a great Christmas present - hope he arrives before Santa!

Carla said...

Be sure to let me know when that baby arrives! I'm so tickled for you. Your card is so fabulous, I love it. Thanks for the shout out! Hope your tooth went well. Hugs,

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