January 13, 2012

CASED from Pinterest

I have just recently been introduced to Pinterest and have to say I LIKE IT!  I think this is where everyone has been hiding out, I spent 2 hours looking around in no time flat!!!

This is a card that I happened to stumble upon and could only retain the cuteness of the card and did not pay attention as to it’s designer.  Dummy me didn’t even pin it!

I tried to go back and find the card and couldn’t, this card was cased by my best recollection ~ hope you like it!

Clean and Simple ~


After viewing the top picture, the hearts reminded me of Indian arrowheads and began to wonder if I could improve them.

I don’t know, did I?


Here’s a closer look at how the hearts were attached to the twine from the first card.  The second card is done in the same way. 


Both cards have the same inside ~


I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I’m off to spend Saturday with our new Grandson and our Granddaughter and their families.  I’m looking forward to seeing them all!

AS ALWAYS, thanks a million for the visits and all the sweet comments!!!  I sincerely appreciate them all!!!




Vonnie said...

Yes Linda! I love Pinterest except I spend way to much time there. I try not to go there every day. lol.
Your card looks much better then the orginal.
Have a great day!!!

Cynthia said...

Linda this is so cute. Yes you improved it. Love how simple it is! Hows the grandbaby!!

Unknown said...

Fabulous case of CASing! Ha Ha!
Love your hearts and wanna know what stamp you used and WHAT a co-incidence that you have the same as the original card!!! Wowzer.
Have a fabulous time with your family...)I'm sure you will).
Hugs Viv xxx

Susan Lankford said...

Oh, yes! The scallops are adorable!

Linda Callahan said...

Either way this is a sweetheart of a card! Love the clean design yet it packs a punch!

Unknown said...

Love this card! I think I know which one you are CASEing, I may have it pinned.

Anonymous said...

Very clever & cute!

Hugs, M

Ms said...

Love the card and loved the scalloped heart surrounding the dotted one... oh so very clever. Thank you for sharing your creative....

Linda said...

Too funny ~~ that's what I thought the hearts looked like :) LOVE your change! I'm going to have to check out that website. Wonderful Weekend wishes go out to you and all your creative followers ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh I like em .. And omgosh ..I sooooo love pinterest ...the kid ideas for my 12 grandkids is awesome ..and the cards holy moly amazing .. and the video ideas to save money ..and the food is amazing also .. so enjoy your blog Linda TFS Anne

Annie said...

I really LOVE the scallops behind the hearts and would love to know if that is a punch and where I might find it.

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

My daughter recently me a link to Pinterest but I hadn't checked it out yet. Guess I need to do that. Love your card!

Denise Willerton said...

SUPER cute card Linda ~ Love the dangling hearts :-) TFS and enjoy your day!

Carol Carriveau said...

Both versions are fabulous - thanks for sharing your case and new idea!

Sarn said...

Totally brilliant. Love both designs. x

Lin said...

Hi Linda. I just came from Pinterest, where I also spend lots of time, and thought this card looked familiar. Could your mystery designer be me? Here's my original post: http://heartshugsandflowers.blogspot.com/2011/08/vertical-challenge.html

I made it for a challenge at Moxie Fab World back in 2011, and I still love the design! So glad you did, too! I like your addition of the scallops to the hearts on your 2nd card!

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