January 28, 2011

A Short Story About……heart


My post today is not about a card that I made, nor about valentines, color combinations, techniques etc.  But about heart!

Our eldest son, Jeff,  is in Iraq and has been there since last September. Our Daughter-in-law spent Thanksgiving with us and one thing she wanted to do while visiting was to make Jeff a card.  Card making was “totally” new to her, it reminded me of turning me loose in Gordon Ramsey’s (gourmet chef) kitchen to make a soufflé’ *smile* Mary did not have the first thing in mind of a theme except “Jeff” nor any idea where to start, she only had the “heart”.  I did not want to get real involved with this card, I wanted it to solely be HERS.  And that it was.  I think she did a grand job.  A little bird told me how very much Jeff appreciated it and that it stays in a spot where he sees it every day!  Here is Mary’s card:

latest 001

latest 002


Happy stamping everyone, always remember “it’s not always about having the best materials, tools, criteria’s and this and thats.  Just a little heart will do!




Carla Bazhenow said...

How wonderful!!! I'll bet Jeff does keep it right where he can see it. Beautiful card!!! Hugs,

Pat said...

WOW what a wonderful card that says a whole lot. I know Jeff loves it.

Kim said...

Wow, she did a great job, it melted my heart, I can't imagine what it did for her husband! Thanks for sharing Linda!!

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