March 26, 2012

Grandchildren’s Easter Baskets

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to lately.

I happened to find the cutest little rabbit found HERE, by this most amazing stamper.  I made a few changes here and there to best suit my needs.  I hope you enjoy them.

This one is Jacobs ~


Ansley’s ~


I did some inlaid embossing on hers.  Notice the Chocolate flowers.

Jarrett’s ~


Kind of hard keeping his toned down enough for a boy.  The Easter Egg is a sticker from my stash.

And one for Lucea ~


You know each basket will be filled with little goodies!  *smiles*

I know you’re thinking… did you make the basket?  Directions can be obtained from the same link provided above.

     Please come on back tomorrow to see magnets!


Thank you for visiting!!!     Photobucket



Carole said...

Okay Linda they are fabulous, fun and very creative. My question is you write that you have 2 fabulous grandchildren but you made four baskets with 4 different names. Is this a quiz? Just kidding the baskets are so sweet and clever. Have you noticed any increase in your stats with the award? I noticed that Jennie didn't post hers.

Vonnie said...

OH Linda these are sooooooooooo cute. The greanchildren are so lucky to have such a creative Grandmother.

Cynthia said...

Linda these are super cute. I have visited her site too on several occasions. Matter of fact, I get email updates I like her so mu h. I have made both those baskets and bunny!! You did a wonderful job!!

Kathi said...

Linda, these are absolutely adorable! Your grandchildren are going to love them! Heck, I would love one for myself! lol Her website is awesome, I'm definitely going to purchase some of her tutorials!

Judy said...

So cute... I love them all.
Have a great day

Linda Callahan said...

These are beyond adorable! Love how they each have their own personality! And your grandchildren have beautiful names!

Kards by Kadie said...

Linda: Your grandkids are going to FLIP OUT big time when they see what you have created. WOW! Many thanks for sharing with us. TOO CUTE for words girlfriend!

Julie A. said...

Love what you've done with Kay's bunny! Those baskets are just darling:) Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

These are super cute. Your grandkids will love them.
Thanks for the link to create the bunny.

Traci Davis said...


Gerry said...

Linda, these are just too adorable for words. Thanks for sharing the link and most of all for sharing you great talent

Pam~ said...

These are so hoppin' cute! For the first time I really want to make some 3D projects! I wish my children were home for Easter! fabulous job, Linda!

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