March 19, 2012

Print With Stripes clean and simple

Hello to ALL and a very Happy Monday!!!

I love stripes mixed with polka dots and prints.  Today’s card reflects just that……*smiles*


There’s a little story behind this card.  I was viewing a friend of mine on Pinterest, her amazing blog can be found here, while viewing some of her pins I came across this card.  I was so amazed at the similarities!  If you have the time please check out BOTH blogs, you’ll find some wonderful creativity and inspiration.

Looking closer ~


Inside ~


Oh my…..bless these cloudy days when you need to take those pictures!!  *smiles*

Take care and thanks a bunch for taking the time to visit!




Viv said...

Well, just for once, I was stuck for words! I never thought for one minute you meant MY blog!! Ha Ha!
Aww you are precious Linda!
Huh! So much for being lost for words eh! When I opened your post, I just slumped in my chair, let out a big sigh and stared at your gorgeous card! Thank you for your creativity and for calling me friend. xxx

Vonnie said...

I think this card is a wowzee card. Your friend had a very good idea and your creation is super.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation with us bloggers. Have a wonderful day Linda!

Linda said...

This is fabulous and I can't wait to check out the blogs. Thanks for sharing both your card and yet another resource for inspiration!

Just sign me off as "The Copycat" (That's what I'll be doing with this card!!)

Kathi said...

Linda, this is just stunning! I love the contrast of brown against white! And I love to mix up stripes, patterns and polka dots too! Awesome card!

Theresa said...

Now this is what I call good use of patterned paper. Lots of prettiness and lots of white space. Love it.

Gerry said...

Another amazing card Linda. Love the stripes with another pattern, and the brown & white work so well together. You've convinced me to check out Pinterest.

Lu said...

Well- I absolutely love this card! I love-love vintage-looking cards. I am with Copycat- I will be "borrowing" this design as we blog. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Very pretty, Linda. I love the prints together.

Carole said...

So stunning, I also posted the other card on my Pinterst board, similar yes but you're card is smashing!

I think your blog is worthy of some notice so I'm awarding you a Liebster Award. For details visit my blog:

Carol Carriveau said...

Love your card and colors, etc..... Thank you for sharing the blog that you got the card idea from...she is fabulous and I'm now following her blog. And loving her wonderfully Gaelic with nature... Thank you! Your last cards are also sooo beautiful....TFS!!!

Pam~ said...

You created a true gem here, Linda! I like the white space amongst your striped panels...stunning!

Are you able to get your bike out for a ride yet? It is summer hot here already but I still haven't gone riding.

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