February 01, 2011

A Cherry On Top Award

Yesterday I received a very pleasant surprise from Kim Lampone over at www.kjskorner.blogspot.com.  She has so kindly bestowed upon me this lovely Cherry On Top Award.  Thank you Kim!    If you have not visited Kim's blog……it’s a must!   She is a very talented lady~~


I understand to play you have to thank the person that sent the award, list 3 things about yourself, and pass it on.

Okay, here are three things about me:

1.  I am a retiree from our local utility company with 35 years service.

2.  Don’t laugh… but I would rather clean a bathroom than dust!  I do it……just don’t like it…not at all.

3.  I am new to the stamping world and am thoroughly addicted. My ambition in the future is to stamp, stamp and then stamp some more!!!

And I am passing this most deserved award on to  EVERYBODY!!!!!  I just can’t single out a few.  They are ALL extremely talented and very deserving of any award that comes along in my book.  So CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that take the time to create these magnificent pieces of art!!  You all deserve A Cherry On Top! 





1 comment:

Carla Bazhenow said...

I'd rather just sit and make something rather than clean anything! *smile* Hugs,

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