February 10, 2011

“Love Is In The Air”

This is the theme over at The Paper Players Challenge this week  The rule being make a card/project with ‘a romantic flair’.  I believe this really leaves the field wide open.  I am trying to complete a card that I could use as an entry for this challenge.  I have completed all needed Valentine cards, but thought of making a card that could be used for any occasion where an expression of love is needed, i.e. anniversary, wedding, engagement maybe even birthday.  This is still a card “in progress” so I am only going to share a small part of it and hopefully tomorrow you can see the whole card.

I have to tell ya….my biggest critic is my husband, he loves to come up stairs each evening and see what I have come up with and he usually starts with “if I were you” …. I’d change…...  He’s really notorious for “you need something in that corner”, and you know what really gets me, a lot of the time he’s RIGHT! Go figure!  I wonder what he will come up with on this card?


I already see an adjustment that needs to be made.  I’m going to snip that little tiny ridge on the flower (yes…that’s suppose to be a flower, as a matter of fact … a heart shaped one).  It just amazes me how the slightest flaw will show up in a picture. *smile*

Don’t forget to come back and check me out tomorrow!  In the meantime take a look at www.thepaperplayers.blogspot.com/ there are a lot of great entries so far!



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